Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Message from Professor Ronald Carlson

Ronald L. Carlson, Fuller E. Callaway Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia School of Law, is one of America’s preeminent evidence scholars. He recently e-mailed us about Cross-Examination Handbook. His email comments, which he said we could share, read as follows:

“I just sent in the copy for my part of our Evidence course book with Lexis; Carlson, Imwinkelried, Seaman and Beecher-Monas, Evidence: Teaching Materials for An Age of Science and Statutes (Lexis 2012). I am in charge of the impeachment and witness examination chapters. In drafting those, I prominently cited the material on page 163 of Cross-Examination Handbook, the section entitled "Pitting Witness Against Witness." Cross-Examination Handbook dovetailed perfectly into my material on pages 421-23 of Carlson, Imwinkelried. I will also cite it when Ed (Imwinkelreid) and I revise Dynamics of Trial Practice for West. Cross-Examination Handbook is a fine publication. In addition to the above, the analysis of Lincoln's classic cross-examination was profound.”

Thank you Professor Carlson for your kind comments.

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