Sunday, May 9, 2021

New Book - Roadways to Justice: Reforming the Criminal Justice System

My new book Roadways to Justice: Reforming the Criminal Justice System was just published and is available now on Amazon. America’s criminal justice system is grappling with multiple issues – police officer-involved deaths and violence; mass incarceration; racial, gender, and sexual orientation bias; the death penalty; public corruption; juvenile justice; disparate sentencing; and the ill effects of Three Strikes laws. These and other issues are examined through the lens of my experience as both a career prosecutor and educator of prosecutors. 
Roadways to Justice tells remarkable stories of selected cases, trials, and, above all else, quests for justice. The book argues that the criminal justice system can be changed, and it offers inspiration, practical solutions, and roadmaps for how to reform that system. This volume is ideal for anyone interested in understanding how the criminal justice system really works, and it is an indispensable handbook for the new wave of lawyers, lawmakers, and others who want to improve it.