Friday, July 21, 2023

New Book Launch: Management and Leadership Handbook


Here's something a little different--my new book, which was just launched. If you’re looking for guidance on how to achieve excellence and job satisfaction as a manager and leader in your law office or other organization and you want excellence and job satisfaction for the people in your organization, this Management and Leadership Handbook may be for you. 

This concise yet comprehensive Handbook is jammed with practical instructions on how to develop and exercise your management and leadership strategies and skills. The advice and wisdom in this book are derived not only from my 27-years of experiences in a prosecutor's office, two years with the National College of District Attorneys, six years with the National Advocacy Center and almost twenty years with Seattle University Law School but also from the best-of-the-best literature and teachers on management and leadership. 

This Handbook contains:

A discussion of the distinction between a manager and leader and guidance on how to perform the roles and functions of both 

Ways to prevent and eradicate the root causes of burnout—the stress builders and job changers

Strategies for setting realistic goals for yourself and your colleagues

Concrete advice on how to make people matter—to show appreciation and give support

Insights into the importance of participative decision making and how to put it into play

How to apply the variety and a manageable workload principles to the workplace

Guidance regarding these keys to excellence—hiring and training

How to stay in touch with the action and have fun

A methodology for managing your personal and professional time and priorities 

.To achieve excellence for yourself, your colleagues, and your organization  and to find satisfaction in your professional and personal life, this book may be for you. Click here to read the book today.